Hauser, Schwarz

Winsor McCay

Works by the pioneering American cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay (1869—1934) were shown in the exhibition “Winsor McCay. Comics, Filme, Träume” at the Cartoonmuseum Basel. The exhibition graphics were inspired by one of the core themes in McCay’s oeuvre: the dream. For the main entrance to the exhibition we had contemporary pictures printed on pillows, and positioned them on the sides of the iconic image of Little Nemo in his walking bed. Inside the museum’s library an ancient bed awaited, inviting the visitor to step into the illustrator’s fantastic world. The connecting and core element of the graphics was a newly created font that turned all titles into playful and surprising textual images.

Exhibition Graphics
Type Design: Slumber Sans


Slumber Sans

Based on Art Deco lettering and McCay’s fanciful illustrations (below: panel from "Little Nemo in Slumberland", The New York Herald, 11.02.1906), we developed the title font Slumber Sans, whose variable letter width generates a playful and surprising appearance.